Navigating Through The Learning Pit

How to navigate through the learning pit

When was the last time when you’ve tried to learn something new? What were your feelings back then?

For most people, the first few days are very exciting. The sheer excitement of learning something new kicks in, and we often overcommit to ourselves.

A few days pass by, and our regular daily tasks kick in. We soon become busy, and the excitement of learning the new topic slowly fades away.

Seems relatable?

Well, we all have faced it. Regardless of how hard you try, learning by yourself is a difficult task. We fall to our learning pit, and all our motivation to learn are lost.

What’s The Learning Pit?

The moment when we start to lose our interest until we reach the very bottom of our learning curve is known as the learning pit. At this point, we lose all our motivation to continue our efforts to learn, and we give up.

There’s an invisible wall that prevents us from getting any farther. In most cases, our brains play a mind game that acts as an invisible wall. It convinces us that the topic is too hard to master, and loses motivation once it encounters a difficult problem. Soon, you quit learning the topic and go back to your previous self.

The Land Beyond The Learning Pit

We all fall to the learning pit, regardless of how motivated we’re at first. However, there are a few people who can navigate through the invisible wall to reach to the other side of the learning pit.

This means that even though they lose motivation, they persist in their efforts and find their way out.

Once you work way through the difficult problem, you will realize how the problem you’ve solved relates to the topic. By time, you’ll find more motivation into the topic, and your interests will come right back.

During this time, there might be smaller learning pits, but it’ll be easier to overcome.

How To Avoid Learning Pits?

Learning pits are very common; you’ll most certainly fall into one even if you’re very aware. Although you can’t avoid it, you can surely make the process of overcoming the pits easier for you.


Well, there are three main aspects of your learning that you must have.


Whenever you’re committing to an online course or study, you must persist. Even if you face difficult problems, you should have the tenacity to face the problem head-on and try to solve the problem.

Moreover, you must have a set of rules that you must follow during the completion of the course. This includes setting up a certain time schedule every day for learning and keeping enough time to reflect back on the learning or just to practice.

By maintaining the schedule, you’ll make sure that even if you’re not feeling to complete the course, you’ll be forced mentally to complete it.


Your motivation towards completing the learning course plays a key role in determining how easily you overcome the learning pit. Most people lose interest to complete the course a few hours after they started it, which is quite concerning.

Before you even start learning, you must know why you’re learning it.

Ask yourself, will learning this help me in my future? Does this add value to my life and my career? Where will it take me if I decide to learn this? Do I feel interested in this? Is it something that I’m so enthusiastic about that I’d do it for free if someone gives me a chance to work on this?

Once you’re clear about why you’re learning the new topic, you’ll spontaneously find the motivation towards learning it.

Clear Outline/Goals

Knowing what you’re learning is very important — it’ll help you get a guideline about what you can expect after completing the course. When you choose to learn a skill, be sure that you go through every bit of detail that you can find to craft a well-rounded syllabus.

Moreover, be sure that you know exactly why you’re learning what you’re learning. If you just can’t find the answer, chances are, you won’t learn the skill by heart.

This is why you must have a clear outline of everything that you want to learn, and set goals that you want to achieve. This makes the learning process a lot simpler and focused.

Tips For Learning

Up until now, we’ve gone through some of the things that you must do during the learning process. However, there are a few guidelines on what you should not do before choosing which skill to learn.

Free is not always good

While finding the oright courses for the skill you want to learn, you’ll come across a ton of resources that you can choose from. Indeed, choosing a few from the pile will be a bit tough.

Most people opt for the free ones that are readily available, but that might not be the ideal one.

While it’s true that there are some great courses that are free (or partially free), most of the great courses are paid.

By taking the free courses, you will often be misled or misinformed. The courses might not be easily understood or of very low quality. Regardless of what problem it poses, it will be a waste of your time and you will soon lose interest in learning.

Before choosing free courses, be sure to look into the reviews tab and look at what people had to say. You might also look at how many people enrolled for the course and the background of the instructor.

Having a bit of research will help you justify if the course is worth your time or not.

Learn for the sake of learning, not for certificates

You’ll find people who love to boast their certificates. They publish all the certificates they receive, some of which are from sketchy organizations or from short 1-hour long courses and some of which the person did only to receive the certificate.

While it’s true that certificates might strengthen your profile professionally, it’s of no use if you don’t actually learn anything.

In today’s world, receiving certificates is quite easy — people just don’t care anymore.

What really matters is that you’ve learnt the skill by heart. This is why you must focus on learning the skill rather than just running for the certificates.


Learning is a key part of our lives — it helps bolster your career, or advance your life to another level.

However, the learning process might a bit tedious, and you might fall into ‘learning pits’, where you lose all your motivation to advance further into learning the skill you’ve desired.

Avoiding the learning pit is quite easy — you must be persistent, highly motivated and set clear goals that you want to achieve. Once you know exactly why you want to learn the skill, being persistent and motivated might be quite easy.

Moreover, you must make sure that the course you’re taking is worth your time and that you must learn by heart, not just for the certificate.

By following these, you’ll surely be in a better position to avoid any learning pits that you might encounter on your learning process.

Happy learning!




I'm a hustler, stoic and a hard-working person. I love traveling and to write about philosophy, science and technology!

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Shakhawat Ullah Badhon

Shakhawat Ullah Badhon

I'm a hustler, stoic and a hard-working person. I love traveling and to write about philosophy, science and technology!

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