Things That You Can Do During This Quarantine

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We’re all amidst an international crisis, and it has been a tough time for all of us. With millions of people already affected, the coronavirus pandemic has genuinely shifted the world’s balance out of order.

While this has disrupted the daily lives of billions of people worldwide, it has also uprooted the very concepts of society that we’ve established. During the times’ ongoing turmoil, everyone has to rethink how they live their lives and how they go about their work.

On the flipside, we’re getting enough free time to get to know ourselves. For most of us, we’re getting a chance to rethink about life, how we operate our daily lives, and, most importantly — spend more quality time with our family.

Just as a friend of mine says —

The world is filled with creatives who love to sing, dance, draw and entertain people. The sad part is that they never gave their creativity a shot due to the pressure of fitting in.

Needless to say, once this pandemic is over, you’ll soon be put back to your old lifestyle. Soon, you’ll regret the immense free time that you have had at your hand and how you spent all of it scrolling through social media and contemplating what food items you’d try after the home quarantine.

While it’s true that it has been tough to cope up with the daily lifestyle, but you must be highly versatile to succeed in life.

So, what can you do to maximize your time this quarantine?

1. Honing Your Skills

As I’ve always mentioned, gaining skills will play a key role in accelerating your career. With the traditional forms of employment being uprooted and new technologies on the horizon, it’s quite imminent that everything will change once this pandemic is over.

To prepare yourself for the future, you must acquire the skills that will propel you in your career.

Here are some of the skills that you can focus on.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
― Steve Jobs

Combining Your Talents With Your Skillsets

We’re all best at something — let it be drawing, writing, or just plain comedy. Once you get to know your talents, it’s very easy to acquire related skills in a unique way in which you create a rare skillset. The rarer your skillset is, the more ‘career capital’ you’ll have.

By creating your ‘talent stack’, you’ll be able to stand out of the crowd.

To start off, you must focus on your natural talents and create the foundation, and then branch out to the related skills that you might need. Doing this will multiply the effect of your skillsets.

Something That Interests You

Humans are curious creatures; we all have something that we might be interested in, but we don’t get enough time to work on those. Well, this is the perfect time for us to encapsulate our interests.

Think about what interests you? What thoughts drive you crazy? What can you spend hours on without even noticing?

It can be anything — singing, playing the guitar, creating animated cartoons, cooking, or just about anything.

The bar for discipline, focus, and the ability to follow directions is low. Exceed these, and you’ll surely win!

Skills That The World Needs

Think about the skills that are needed in this modern world of ours. While it’s okay to think that the skills that are needed today will still be required in a decade from now, but you’ve got to be prepared for the future.

The world shifts every 5 years, and you’ve got to be updated with all the changes.

With that said, you’ll have to have a visionary mind and predict what skills the world might need that you can provide.

To explain, let’s assume that Data Science is still incumbent, and slowly organizations all over the world are realizing it’s true potential. So, rather than learning HTML & CSS programming, go for learning Data Science.

I agree that it’d be particularly difficult, but by not following the crowd, you’ll create a place for yourself!

By the time others realize the importance of the field, you’ll be ready to shift to another skill or career!

Interpersonal Skills

While it’s important that you grow your skills, you must work on yourself too!

During this quarantine, you can work on sharpening your interpersonal skills so that you become a better version of yourself.

Starting from boosting your self-confidence, working on problem-solving capabilities, enhancing cognitive flexibility, and emotional intelligence — there are a lot of skills that you can work on.

Getting better at your interpersonal skills can be particularly difficult, but this will help you go a long way in your personal and professional life.

Learning Resources

Up until now, I’ve listed some of the key skills that you may acquire in s quarantine. But, where to learn these resources?

Well, I’d highly recommend edX and Coursera as these contain high-quality courses that you can try. Udemy and Skillshare can be great options too, but you must select the tutorials that are prepared by qualified trainers.

For learning how to code, you can follow W3Schools or CodeCademy.

If you want to learn Data Science and Machine Learning, DataCamp can be a great option. I personally recommend the Deep Learning Specialization course by Andrew Ng at Coursera.

There are a lot of resources that are available at your disposal — choose the one that fits your needs and make the best out of your time!

2. Fun Activities

Enough of skill development, let’s get to the fun stuff! What activities can you do to make the best use of your time while you enjoy it?

Watch Documentaries

Documentaries can be great sources of knowledge and entertainment fused together. You don’t necessarily have to watch scientific documentaries or historical ones — you can watch any documentary that you like given that you learn something from it.

I regularly watch documentaries on nature mainly because I’m fascinated by the wonderful science that surrounds everything.

YouTube can be a great place to start — there are lots of highly informative channels that you can watch. Netflix and Curiosity Stream are other paid options where you’ll find exceptional documentaries on almost anything.

It’s very easy to get carried away while watching such documentaries, so you must know what you want to learn from the documentary beforehand and note all the things that you learned after watching that to make the best use of your time.

Do Something Creative (That You Love)

Explore your inner creativity and showcase the talent you have. You have more than enough time during this quarantine period, and you can easily work on such creative projects.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not good at first, it’ll take time to improve. But, starting out is key.

It doesn’t matter what your creative projects are — drawing, creating illustrations, writing, you should start focusing on these and work hard to improve.

Virtual Visits

Want to visit popular tourist destinations without having to move out your house? Modern technology has enabled us to do just that!

Just decide where you want to visit, and put it into Google Earth. You’ll easily be taken into the place, and you can explore nearby places.

Apart from Google Earth, you can also visit museums and national parks! You can go to the National Museum of Natural History’s website, and you can take a virtual tour of the total museum!

Just give a Google Search of the place you want to have a virtual tour, and chances are — you’ll find that place!

Gamify Your Life

While this might not be particularly fun, but gamifying your life will help you achieve things that you’ve planned for years but couldn’t execute.

What does it mean to gamify your life?

Well, it means that you’re treating life as a game. You set points or achievements once you achieve a certain milestone, you will give points to yourself. A certain number of points will lead you to the next level, and you’ll achieve rewards for achieving the level.

It’s as simple as it gets.

Have Meaningful Conversations

If you have a look at your friendlist, you’ll come across a lot of high rising people who’re shining in life. Start talking to them and have a meaningful conversation with them.

You’ll be totally surprised by some of the philosophies that they share and the things that they know.

This will help you grow your network, too!

Getting started with this is pretty easy, you will just have to knock people on your friendlist. If you’re uncomfortable with that, you can log into other social media platforms that are dedicated to such meaningful conversations.

I use LinkedIn and Goodwall to connect with like-minded individuals and talk about topics that interest us.

Read Interesting Articles/Books

Reading can be particularly fun, especially when you’re reading something that you like. Start thinking about what topic interests you, and dive deeper into the topic.

Reading will not only enhance your knowledge base, but you will also get ideas that you can implement in your life!

Regardless of how busy you are, you should read at least five blogs/articles every single day.

I highly recommend you going for audiobooks, as these are effortless ways of ‘reading’. You can also get PDF versions of books from various websites, or get bite-sized summaries of your favorite books from Blinkist or Instaread.

I personally use Deepstash to get summaries of popular blog articles on various topics.

You can also follow the Five Hour Rule used by highly successful people in which you allocate only 5 hours every week for reading books. Although it might seem minimal to other activities that you do, it’ll bring in tons of benefits!

3. Work on Projects

Acquiring knowledge is of no use if you don’t use those. Working on projects will help you to implement the knowledge into real-life scenarios, and will help sharpen your skills.

For example, you’re learning how to program with Python. Try to create a software that scrapes website data, or build a complicated Binary Search Algorithm. Work on difficult projects, and try to find answers whenever you face difficulties. This will mean that you’re actually learning!

I’ve been learning Data Visualization with PoweriBI. and I worked with a business to solve their data reporting system. Doing this was very tough, but it was completely worth it.

Bootstrap Your Business

If you had an idea for a business that you didn’t work on, it’s the perfect time that you work on that. Start from scratch, and think about what you need to start!

You don’t have to necessarily start big; you can work on creating an online brand awareness campaign and think of how you can create the biggest impact without having to invest a lot.

Chances are, you can cut down your expected costs by a lot if you think about it!

So, it’s now or never! Starting out is the key!

Some Tips

While it’s very easy to get carried away during such times of turmoil, you must be focused on whatever you want to achieve! It’s very important that you bring out the better version of yourself when this pandemic goes away, and it’s the best time to do so!

So, here are a few tips that you can consider while navigating through your life!

Don’t Let Negativity Come Near You

We’re surrounded by negativity — it’s highlighted by almost everyone. If you log into social media, you’ll see that most people share all the negativity that’s taking place all around you. Talk to your neighbor, and he/she’ll talk about what the other neighbor did wrong.

By surrounding yourself with negativity, you put yourself at risk. Your mind is always occupied with negative thoughts, and it pulls you away from doing something right.

This is why you must always think about the positivity that’s around you! Being optimistic can be a key ingredient to leading a happy and satisfying life, and you must always be optimistic.

Having said that, I’m not implying that you turn a blind eye to all the negative things that are occurring. You can take notice of these, but you should not put much importance on these.

Embrace Stoicism

Stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy where its followers believe that you have complete control over your life and your future will determine how you utilize your time.

“No person has the power to have everything they want, but it is in their power not to want what they don’t have, and to cheerfully put to good use what they do have.”
– Seneca

Try to think about every aspect of your life that you can control, and the ones that you can’t control. Then, work on creating a bright future by altering the aspects that you can control.

Dedication Is The Key

It doesn’t matter what you’re working on, you must be highly dedicated. To be dedicated, you must find motivation in working towards the task. Being dedicated can be very hard, but it’s not impossible.

If you look at all the successful people, they all have worked dedicatedly towards their goals and achieved big success while doing so.

Eliminate Distractions

Regardless of what you’re working on, you must eliminate all sources of distractions. This is very important because retaining our concentration will help us bring the best work out of us in the shortest time possible.

Constant social media notifications, phone calls, emails, and other distractions will only slow down the process — so be sure to eliminate all sorts of distractions even if it’s only for an hour everyday!


With so many things going on during the quarantine, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. But, you must make sure that you’re making the best use of your free time to come out strong once this pandemic goes away.

It’s not necessary that you have to be highly productive every single hour of your day, only a little bit of dedication will take you miles ahead of others.

Now, it’s the time to take action. Start by one activity at a time and focus on that before jumping to another. By this, you’ll be able to do something productive this quarantine!




I'm a hustler, stoic and a hard-working person. I love traveling and to write about philosophy, science and technology!

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Shakhawat Ullah Badhon

Shakhawat Ullah Badhon

I'm a hustler, stoic and a hard-working person. I love traveling and to write about philosophy, science and technology!

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